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Game Synopsis written by Goran:

Bad Ice Cream 2: Frosty Fun with a Tasty Twist!


Welcome to the whimsical world of Bad Ice Cream 2, a delightful online game that will tickle your taste buds and challenge your reflexes in frosty, frozen fun! Developed by Nitrome, this sequel to the beloved original Bad Ice Cream game takes the excitement to a whole new level with improved graphics, innovative gameplay, and a delightful array of frozen fruits to feast upon. Prepare yourself for a sweet journey filled with ice-cold treats and mind-bending puzzles.

Engaging Gameplay:

Bad Ice Cream 2 invites players to step into the shoes of adorable, mischievous ice cream characters, each with a unique personality. Your mission is simple - traverse through icy mazes, collecting fruit scattered across the frozen terrain. But beware! Vicious enemies lurk around every corner, aiming to thwart your fruity feasting plans. Use your wit and agility to outsmart them and avoid getting frozen in your tracks.

Delightful Frozen Fruits:

In this icy escapade, the frozen fruits are the stars of the show! From juicy strawberries and tangy lemons to exotic dragon fruits, each level introduces new flavors for you to relish. As you gobble up these tasty treats, the maze transforms, providing fresh challenges that keep you coming back for more.

Multiplayer Mayhem:

Bad Ice Cream 2 76 EZ doesn't leave you to brave the frosty challenges alone. Enlist a friend or a family member for even more frozen fun! The game offers a captivating multiplayer mode, allowing you to team up and strategize your way through the icy puzzles. Cooperation and coordination are the keys to success in this icy world, providing a fantastic opportunity for bonding and friendly competition.

Visual and Auditory Delights:

The game's enchanting retro-style graphics with vibrant colors and adorable character designs are a visual treat. Coupled with a charming soundtrack that complements the frozen theme, Bad Ice Cream 2 creates an immersive experience that keeps players engaged for hours on end.


Bad Ice Cream 2 Unblocked 76 is a delightful online game that combines frozen treats with challenging puzzles, offering a unique and enjoyable experience for players of all ages. With its engaging gameplay, delectable fruits, multiplayer mode, and captivating visuals, this frosty adventure will have you coming back for seconds, thirds, and more. So, brace yourself for a frosty fiesta and embark on this frosty quest to conquer the maze of frozen goodies!

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